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Public Works Company

Welcome to Jérôme BALDO, a building company specialising in public works in the Dordogne valley (24)!


  • Pipe trenches
  • Lot servicing
  • Various types of trenches
  • Earthworks prior to the construction of swimming pools
  • Landscaping
  • House foundations
  • Stump removal
  • Canadian wells
  • Sumps
  • Road grading
  • Installation of rainwater collection tanks
  • Supply of topsoil
  • Spreading of topsoil
  • Ditch digging
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Path creation
Earthworks Bergerac

Septic systems:

  • Installation of onsite sewage facilities
  • Installation of phyto-purification systems
  • Installation of septic tanks
  • Installation of grease traps
  • Installation of compact filters
  • Upgrading to meet industry standards


Sewage works:

  • Connection to the sewage network
  • Installation of rainwater collection tanks
  • Connection to various networks (sheath installation)
Earthworks Bergerac

Discover some of our public works in Dordogne here:

Intervention area:

Based in Badefols sur Dordogne, near Lalinde, in the Dordogne valley (24), our team operates in Périgord:

  • Bergerac area: Creysse, Prigonrieux, La Force, Pécharmant, Monbazillac, etc.
  • Périgord Pourpre: Eymet, Sigoules, Monestier, La Force, etc.
  • Dordogne Valley: Lalinde, Saint Capraise de Lalinde, Mouleydier, Cales, Buisson de Cadoin, Siorac en Périgord, Le Bugue, Couze et Saint Front, Lanquais, Pontours, Badefols sur Dordogne, Limeuil, Trémolat, Alles sur Dordogne, etc.
  • Pays des bastides: Monpazier, Beaumont du Périgord, Issigeac, Cadoin, etc.
Earthworks Bergerac

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